Chrispington's stuff!

I've been making things for years, and it's about time I collected a bunch of them and put them all in one place! I dug around in my files and collected some stuff that has survived the wheels of time, but I'll probably find more next time I organise my ancient computer relics.

For now, enjoy what I have posted, and contact me if you have any questions, want to see my full résumé, or you want to throw money at me for one of my skills!

Chrispington [at]

My Linkedin profile (may be outdated)

My company - Mantercorp

A website I own

Chrispington Chrispington
	Highly skilled:
	•	Flash
	•	Flash Actionscript 2.0
	•	Flash Actionscript 3.0
	•	Game Design
	•	Game Development
	•	Graphic Design
	•	3D environment and terrain design 
	•	Google Sketchup
	•	Art
	•	Soundtrack Composition
	•	Voice Acting
	•	Woodwork / carpentry
	•	Shop fittings & designs
	•	Running tabletop games
	•	Self-teaching

	Moderately skilled:
	•	Photoshop 
	•	2D animation
	•	Soundtrack Production & mastering
	•	Propellerhead: Reason (Digital audio program)
	•	3D Studio Max
	•	Goldwave audio editor
	•	PHPBB and Drupal CMS
	•	CSS
	•	Website design / development
	•	Customer service

	Vaguely skilled:
	o	PHP
	o	C#
	o	All other computer related things.